Why should you sign up with our agency?  It’s another application to fill out and more tests to take.  Why bother?   Here’s why:


Kent Daniels & Associates has long established relationships with LA law firms’ hiring managers.  Knowing a firm and its culture is often the first step in identifying who is going to be a good fit.  In many cases, we even know the individual departments, managers, and attorneys so we are able to closely match personalities that work well together.  That benefits both you and the firm.  If you are leaving a job to work for a new employer, you gain an added level of confidence in your new position and can eliminate stressful uncertainty.


Applying for a position through Kent Daniels can elevate qualified candidates to the top of the list.  When applying online, you fail to get the personal attention that our agency can provide.  The agency will have the opportunity to verbalize to the client a little more about you and highlight your strengths in order to secure an interview; otherwise, your resume can be overlooked and get buried with all the others.  We help you stand out as a qualified applicant in a crowd of applications and resumes.


Kent Daniels has access to many legal positions that you can’t find on major job boards or company websites.  Often, hiring managers simply do not have time to devote to sorting through resumes and they look to us for assistance.  Occasionally, firms even have confidential jobs that they do not wish to post and use our agency’s services solely to fill them.  Because we have an extensive network of applicants and hiring managers that we’ve developed over 25 years, we know early on who’s leaving where, who’s going where, and when a new job is likely to be open.


At Kent Daniels, finding people jobs is our business.  We are professionals in the legal field and we are very successful at what we do.  We know the best methods of preparing a resume, presenting an applicant, getting the interview and managing the process from application to hire.


We negotiate salaries and keep you informed of current salary trends.  This way, you won’t sell yourself short asking for a salary that is too low, or perhaps worse, ask for a salary that is out of the firm’s salary range.


Sign up with Kent Daniels today and let us eliminate some of the stresses associated with a job change.

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