• Social media can help you get a job or it can keep you from getting one.  Gone are the days when the only thing job seekers had to be concerned about was that their resume and cover letter were error-free.  Today, one of the bigger things to worry about is what kind of personal information is floating around online.  Don’t trick yourself into thinking that potential employers won’t look for you on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  Keep your profile settings as private as possible and use an appropriate profile picture and name.  Ask yourself if this photo, post, or blog represents you positively to a future employer before uploading or approving it.  “Digital dirt” lives on the internet and can impede your job search or career development without you even knowing it.
  • Potential employers will be looking at your LinkedIn profile.  LinkedIn can be a powerful business networking tool, but remember much of what you post is public.  It is another avenue to get your resume out there so the information you list should match your resume and be accurate. Keep it professional and simple.  If you include a profile picture, remember it should reflect your business appearance.  Dress in what you would wear to a job interview.
  • Remain positive and upbeat.  Yes, a long drawn-out job search can be demoralizing, but don’t take it personally.  If you have watched the news recently you know you are not alone.  If you spend too much time talking about your struggle to find work, you may come across as a downer.  It is hard to recommend someone for a job who does not have an optimistic outlook.  Instead, be sure to convey what you have to offer and remember, a positive attitude will appeal to employers.
  • Temporary positions often lead to full-time regular work.  Temping is an awesome way to get your foot in the door of a firm.  It gives you an opportunity to show what you have to offer and keeps your skill set current.  You may make contacts that can lead to another position.  Many employers see those who temp as candidates that want to do whatever it takes to land their next job.
  • If temping is not an option, consider volunteering while you are unemployed.  You can make a positive impact in your community for a cause you are passionate about. You will feel good about your accomplishments and it might even lead to a great business opportunity!  Volunteering will look better on your resume and give you the confidence to have something additional to talk about during an interview.
  • Have your resume and cover letter templates perfected and ready to go.  You never know when that perfect opportunity will arise.

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